8 thoughts on “Dropped from a Tree

    • PMu says:

      It’s a photo background with the figure digitally painted over the top. Yeah Dryad or wood elf kinda vibes. Nothing so obscure this time 🙂


      • writingbolt says:

        What was that ghost mound thing you were educating me about not too long ago? Some kind of Tumnus or something, where fairies/spirits gather and many were buried? Well, for a digital painting…wait, did you paint over your own face/photo? Or, did you add a face to a photo without anyone in it?


      • writingbolt says:

        And, you have the same difficulty I have, with ears. I did a few rather decent digital paintings of faces not long ago. I just recently became fixated with how the ears looked too small. I struggled with shading and getting hair and facial contours right so the head looked 3D. But, even after all that–and not entirely correcting the problems–I still see my ears don’t look right. This picture is overall good to great…but the ear needs something. [I’d also hone some of the shading, like on the outfit and collarbone.]


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