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3 thoughts on “Centaur

    • writingbolt says:

      The pressure of perfectionism, the silent illness plaguing so many of us sold down the river of faster, better, stronger. Even the Olympics motto could jinx us. Let’s not forget creativity is an expression of the soul, not necessarily polished until it shines like the sun. And, sometimes, what comes the most naturally provides its own stellar luster.

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  1. writingbolt says:

    The anatomy of the horse half is exceptional. You really capture the dimensions and motion well. [Not perfect, though; always room to improve.] But, I’d work the upper body; it’s a bit flat, in comparison. I’d almost say you borrowed an anatomy template found online and drew over it. I think I’ve seen this figure, elsewhere. Oh, and the tail. The tip flapping looks better than the portion closer to the hind end. I’d reduce the lines between the tips and the base, create a little more light and shadow.


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