Shop Update: Knucker tote

So I finished a book, which I originally started in 2018.  It’s small, it’s special and I love it.  I loved it so much that I made some t-shirts and bags, mostly for me and then at the request of some friend and now all for me.

48fbltpbkxx9ti3f3llleq1dhuw5bnsb1mugvx9nsfa3uxqc.pngThese are based on the knucker from the book, and as a special treat for those who read the blog I thought I would share an extract from the book.  The knucker is the creature which inspired me to want to write this.  I read that the word knucker was falling out of use and I thought it would be sad if this little local dragon myth was forgotton.

A knucker is a small, water-dragon native to Sussex in the South of England.  It once used to live in ponds where livestock watered, and was thought to be responsible for foul water or lame sheep.  Nowadays they are mostly found in garden ponds and are responsible for excessive weeds and the occasional missing coy fish.

If you want to buy a copy of the book you can find it by clicking here.

If you want to grab yourself a t-shirt or a bag then head on over to teemill by clicking here.  Teemill is powered by rapnui, all their products are ethically source and made of 100% cotton, perfect for the hot weather 🙂

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