Setting my intention for 2021: Walking into the year aware and awake

2020 has been a shitstorm in a teacup for many of us. The year has not been without merit. In the spring/summer, lockdown presenting an opportunity to pause and connect with what was really important for many of us. There are few events which ripple accross the planet as a whole, and while we have all been socially distant, we have never really been closer to a truly unifying experience. For one single dizzying moment it felt like everyone stopped, blinked in confuision at the state of the world and said “Fuck! Now what?”

I think many of us have experienced fear, anxiety, depression and isolation at various points in this year. However I have also experienced more hope, more compassion, more forgiveness and sweetness than I thought possible. In many ways social distancing measures have meant that connecting with other human beings has felt even more meaningful.

This year has also brought some (unrelated to the pandemic) health challenges. Since January last year I have been experiencing an unpleaseant set of symptoms that have me experiencing on and off pain, discomfort, tiredness and embarrassment. I will not go into details (which some of you will probably thank me for), but this really has only added to a personal drive to be truly conscious and awake for those things for which I am most grateful.

It is no surprise that with reduced social connect I have found my creativity has suffered. Many drawings and projects have been started but so few actually finished. Which is why I am profoundly grateful for this opportunity to pause and reset an intention for moving forward. Self-reflection has also brought about a deep sense of remorse for some of my previous actions, and with a reduced social calendar the time to do something about it. I have found myself in correspondance, building new and renewed friendships. These friends have encouraged me in so many different ways and I do no think I can truly express my gratitude or depth of feeling for them.

Of course with the new year comes the need to reflect and reset. This year for me my intention is simple: I will walk this year awake, aware and in action. Starting in January, I have been invited by the incomprable Amy Sutton to begin working through Walking in This World by Julia Cameron. I am lookin forward to it immensly, not just for the opportunity to do some guided creative practice at a time when my own can best be described as ropey, but also for the chance to do this with others. I expect that when the last of my doodles run dry, that the work around this will likely begin to appear on this blog as I begin to top up my creative tank once more. I look forward to sharing what that brings. Since starting this blog I have ever entered a year with so little work to share lined up. My sketchbooks lie empty, my drafts are shockingly sparse. Instead of that presenting something to fear, my hope is that this will mean that 2021 will be full of opportunities and I will be well placed to notice and greet them.

I hope that for you, stepping into 2021 brings a similar sense of hope and opportunity. If you have set an intention for the year I would love to hear about it, so please leave a comment. I also hope that you will enjoy what happens with this blog over the coming year, so please do follow. Your guess is as good as mine as to what it will bring.

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2 thoughts on “Setting my intention for 2021: Walking into the year aware and awake

  1. lorrs33 says:

    Good for you! I completed The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron twice and loved and though I don’t still follow every bit of advice she gave in it, I like to think I’ve retained some of it. My intention this year is to stop putting such high expectations on myself and try to take it one day at a time.


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