#Dollcember – 19 Cactus

Through December I will be designing a series of dolls.  I can’t help myself, I have become obsessed with watching doll repaints on YouTube, in particular Dollightful.  The colours, the tiny outfits, the cool concept art, they have my inner six year old bouncing off the wall.

Unfortunately I have no patience for actually doing doll repaints.  I do however know how to draw so I am joining in the way I best know how.

So here’s today’s offering.  And if there are any doll face up artists out there who want to share their work, then please leave a comment below.  I am totally primed to love what you are are ding right now 🙂

She’s prickly, she’s pretty and she comes with a sword, it’s Cactus the nature middle.

Scan 123.jpeg

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