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6 thoughts on “Niad

    • writingbolt says:

      What PMu said, Julia. If your eyes (and brain) are fried from some PC job that makes you the equivalent of those faceless drones from Disney’s Black Hole (the guys behind the silvery masks that look like fried zombies when the masks come off), then DO give yourself art therapy via pen and paper or other mediums, like clay or paints and canvas. Treat your soul after depleting it with that data-entry madness. [If only my sister would do the same. She occasionally does scrapbooking.]

      Because of these “screen-time” jobs, my family won’t bother with reading the books I’ve been writing; they want me to print pages, first. But, I don’t feel like doing things the old way of the typewriter. Print all those pages just to have to edit and reprint them again and again? Well, I may yet have to do all that, anyway. But…

      Get drawing! I say to myself…when I haven’t sat down with pencil and paper in years. I got a lil lost after 2012 and have been doing more digital and written work. I just haven’t felt as passionate about drawing, lately…my heart is rather empty and cold.

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  1. writingbolt says:

    She looks like a Naiad in a musical. I’d add some river stone-age and water lines, at least, to show she’s close to the source of her power. Otherwise, she’s a dancer trying to simulate water motion with her arms.


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