Commission – Robbie’s Mum’s house

Photo 21-12-2019, 17 55 46

Pour me a cup of that sweet, steaming kofi

2 thoughts on “Commission – Robbie’s Mum’s house

  1. Michael Sean Erickson says:

    This reminds me of a summer slept on Telegraph Hill. It evokes a bohemian sheltered for a while in an old building. There is a dreamlike quality to the wind waved feathers (or are they trees or perhaps oversized dust fans?) that fits the time and the place so well.

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  2. writingbolt says:

    Nifty use of geometry and perspective. I like how it’s both framed and frameless. It sort of flows in and out of itself as you move your eyes around the image. I can imagine myself flying through a dark opening and then returning to the light…hearing the wind play with the shrubbery.

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