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So I have been uhmming and ahhing this month over whether or not I should start selling prints.  A few times in the past I have been asked by readers if I do prints and I have always resisted.  I was never sure it was really worth it for a few reasons.  I have so many finished original drawings that it seems silly to start selling prints.  Also I liked the idea of selling affordable originals that people would be in sole possession of.

However let’s be honest, not every drawing, every day is a winner.  They can’t all be when I’m posting 365 days a year.  Some are better than others, and I am often approached about drawings that have already gone, and while I am always happy to make replicas of my own work that kind of undermines the whole principle of a unique drawings.

So I’m changing my mind.  I have uploaded some of the most requested and some of my favourite drawings to deviantart here.  They will be sold in prints, postcards, magnets and sometimes even cups, depending on how well the image translates.  If you have a doodle you would like as a print, then let me know and I will be happy to upload it there.

I am also planning to design some specific images just for deviantart, so if you have an account make sure you watch me so you can get a notification when they are uploaded.

I have also set up a Ko-Fi page so if you like what I am doing here, and want to buy me a coffee then just head here.

I always want to make sure that my work is free and available to anyone who wants to see it and can find some wifi somewhere so any support or help you give me is always appreciated.

PMuInk Shop Page

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