#GlaJazzle – Re-purpose, reuse, recycle

Happy New Year everybody!

For those of you who have followed me on Instagram, you may have seen my new quest over the last year to re-purpose my old things, rather than buying new.  One such offering is this ode to Dame Edna Everage, my bedazzled glasses.

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 12.13.05

Entering this New Year, I have been thinking about how am I going to intentionally approach 2020.  I keep going back and forth over a number of different things, but I circle back to waste.  Increasingly I keep think about how convenience, at least for me, is well, a convenient excuse.  It’s more convenient to eat meat and dairy, it’s more convenient to buy something new rather than repair something, it’s more convenient to get a taxi than walk.

So this year, I’m not going to punish myself with a rigid resolution, but I am going to intentionally hold some simple questions in my heart:

  • When something breaks: Do I or someone I know have the skills to repair this?
  • Before I throw something away: Can I make this something I would want to keep?  Could someone else use this?  Charity shop or free-cycle?

However there is one promise I would like to try and keep: I will not buy anymore art and craft supplies in 2020.  I have enough, it will take me more than a year to use what I have, I definitely do not need more.

What resolutions are you looking to make for yourself this year?


10 thoughts on “#GlaJazzle – Re-purpose, reuse, recycle

  1. My Small Surrenders says:

    I don’t make resolutions but, like you, I have more than enough art supplies to last for a long time.
    Apart from replacing the pens I use most when I draw, I’m going to work on not buying any new supplies, since I could probably start an art supply shop or loan service (🤔) with the stash I currently have

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