#FollowFriday – Gudjohr

Hey, do you like to have your ears pleasured while you draw?  Of course you do, who doesn’t.  Art and music just go together like Cagney and Lacey, Watson and Holmes, Columbo and… okay so that one didn’t work but you get the gist.  During Inktober, I am feeding my brain lots of good music in order to come up with ideas.

a1164701648_10I always listen to music or have a film on in the background when I am doing something creative.  I find it helps soothe the spirit and get the thinky brain ideas flowing.  Recently I have been having a secret love affair with Gudjohr.  He’s a Brighton based musician and his newest album between the blinks is particularly delightful.  I was very pleased he gave me permission to link to his work.  Alongside his music, I also really appreciate his cover art.  It’s trippy, cool and unexpected, which seems very fitting.

You can go and listen to more of his stuff here:


Enjoy listening and tell me what you like to listen to while you create in the comments below.

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