12 thoughts on “#DnD – Lurene

  1. writingbolt says:

    I was gonna say this is a lovely take on Snow White. But, I am slow to realize these are all Dungeons and Dragons characters you are designing for yourself or someone you know? Like the concept…never quite get around to playing or grasping the appeal of the game(s). It kinda reminds me of the old PC games that were text-based. I prefer pick-a-path books, namely the Steve Jackson and Ian Livingston(e) series, Fighting Fantasy. But, I do enjoy character creation.

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    • PMu says:

      They are indeed, all characters from different campaigns. I used to read those discover your own adventure type stories. I like the collaborative nature of DND along with the fact anything is possible, not just four options that the author presents. So much fun


      • writingbolt says:

        The Discover Your Own Adventure books were nice, easy reads as a kid/teen. But, they slowly lost their charm as I grew up.

        Steve and Ian’s FF series retained its charm…and a lot of its horror (which was the only turn-off). The books were never liked by parents who weren’t scary movie fans or blind to what their kids read. I didn’t own enough of them to bother my folks and bought most with my own money. I still cherish a copy of Sorcery! The Seven Serpents which has, in its small way, inspired my current series…which I aim to make far less creepy and more intriguing/complex…slowly weeding out/cutting down on the gaming complexities so readers can enjoy them without dice (or, as FFs often did, putting dice on pages you had to flip to simulate dice rolls…which was kinda lame, but innovative).

        If anything is possible, it becomes less of a game and more of a story-writing exercise. I can’t adequately wrap my head around that. If I am writing a story, let’s work together and brainstorm on “anything’s possible.” If I am playing a game, I like to know there are certain rules and know that I accept those rules before playing. Otherwise, again, it’s a bit like the childhood games when one kid decides he’s invincible against what you throw at him, always changing the rules. It becomes exhausting and testing of the patience rather quickly.


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