6 thoughts on “Heart Attack

  1. mad575 says:

    Well, this is awkward. First, I saw one of those random internet ads pop up on my screen–the kind that show an anonymous body part along with some ominous comment or question: If your elbow looks like this, call 9-1-1! Are you losing the hair on the back of your neck? What this warning sign means to you!
    So, the body part I drew today was a lower leg, a calve if you will, and the message that accompanied it was: You’re going to die of a heart attack.
    I pray it’s a harmless coincidence that the next visual to appear on my screen was your art work, which is inappropriately named: Heart Attack.
    Since it’s Sunday, maybe I should borrow the popular church phrase, The Devil is a liar!
    The internet ad is a liar!
    The Daily Doodle is a liar!😉

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  2. mad575 says:

    One more thing. I feel I need to write a blog post about this near-death experience. Can I use a screenshot of “Heart Attack” to tell the story? If yes, tell me how you want the attribution to appear.

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