#Mermay 2019


9 thoughts on “#Mermay 2019

  1. writingbolt says:

    I like the mermaid and water portion…and the oddly old paper texture…the ceiling just seems a tad low and intrusive. But, perhaps, that’s symbolic. It’s like whoever took this picture was intruding on a very private domain occupied by the mermaid, her sanctuary.

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  2. Lazarus Shatipamba says:

    Hey Pmu, just wanted to drop by and show appreciation towards you for liking my poem, ‘The Garden of Beauty’. Thank you so much, your support warms my heart.

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  3. nilbynoon says:

    I found a link on your page that says you sell your art! I’m having a difficult time getting the link to work that leads to emailing. Perhaps it’s because I’m using a mobile device. Hope to hear from you soon!

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