Bonus Post: A Grateful Pause At 3,000

So at 3,000 followers I wanted to take a deep breath and spend some time thinking of the 30 things I was grateful for in 2018.  So have some love:

  1. I’m saw Paul Simon on 15th July
  2. I’m saw Britney Spears at Brighton Pride
  3. I have a beautiful dog
  4. All of you keep coming back every day
  5. I have hair, too much is better than none
  6. I have a warm bed at night, every night, for as long as I need it
  7. I have supportive friends, some of whom have known me my whole life
  8. I can read
  9. I can write
  10. I can draw
  11. I can sing, and when I sing in the shower it sounds amazing!
  12. I can play the piano
  13. I can knit
  14. I can cross stitch
  15. I know where my next meal is coming from
  16. I have an unfinished book by my bed which I am looking forward to finishing
  17. I have too many clothes, and still sometimes don’t know what to wear meaning I have the luxury of vanity
  18. I have a job that is meaningful with colleagues I respect
  19. Sometimes I still get ID-ed in pubs meaning someone out there thinks I look under 25
  20. While my vision isn’t great it can be corrected with glasses
  21. The mole on my optic nerve never got big enough to be problematic for my vision
  22. My sister makes me laugh so hard sometimes my face and heart hurt
  23. I have basic life skills which mean I can survive in most situations, including making my own clothes, this means I am good at stage managing and solving problems
  24. If I need to, I can have a warm bath to ease my back ache
  25. I made it to 28 without ever breaking a bone or having a major accident
  26. Showers
  27. That first, quiet cup of tea in the morning on my day off
  28. I have the world chunkiest cat, Shelby
  29. I have just started a new water colour pallet and it has 46 different colours in it!
  30. I live in a country where me and my friends can be ourselves regardless of gender or sexuality.

What are you grateful for?

18 thoughts on “Bonus Post: A Grateful Pause At 3,000

  1. littlemissw says:

    I have my husband
    I have my sons
    My body is strong and capable, even if I don’t always love it
    I warm, fed, healthy and safe
    The people I care about most are all just a phone call away

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  2. rangerdon says:

    Grateful for? Why, life in snowy Carson City, in an historic hotel where Sam Clemens used to drink, and where he became Mark Twain. For friends and family, all of whom are doing well. For the little Mars Rover that could (saw it being built in NASA work days). For writing projects, which keep the mind active.

    And, of course, for the always-interesting, never boring Daily Doodle.


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  3. surfsensei says:

    Well said. Many things, especially some of those you mention: a warm and safe place to sleep, enough food, the luxury of a shower and toilet and hot water, a body that, despite its faults, allows me to explore mountains and sea, make things (including my comfortable bed!) and see well enough to make and appreciate art and the amazingness of the world, knowing good people, having shared time and love with somebody who inspired me to learn Dutch and move to Scotland, …
    Most of what I am grateful for, beyond the things necessary for basic needs, are not material things. They cannot be taxed, stolen, vandalised or, until I lose my memory and leave this life, lost.
    Thank you and may you continue to enjoy both the ephemeral and lasting things that you are grateful for.

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  4. writershilpa says:

    I am grateful for every little thing that we, usually, tend to take for granted. I am grateful for all that worked out for me and all that didn’t. And, most of all, I am grateful for my pets and the fact that I can write and draw and keep myself afloat amid all the chaos called, Life!

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