New Illustration Project Concept 01

cover 39

4 thoughts on “New Illustration Project Concept 01

  1. Alex says:

    I love your doodles. Why do I love them? They are so simple that I could do them. Now, I’m a writer, not a painter or a sketch artist. I have tried sketching or doodling and it doesn’t amount to anything. Yes, i could do some of the doodles that you create. More importantly, what I can’t do is conceptualize the image. This is the important aspect of art. I can see it in words but I can’t see it and create by sketching. I could do it after someone like you has done it. But I couldn’t create it originally. For me, this is the beauty of your work .

    I love the imperfections. I am one of those strange people who sees beauty in the imperfections of art and simply being human. When I see a person express themselves without concerns about being perfect, I see perfection. Being perfectly human.

    Your work might help people see that art is not about being perfect, (being a writer, it is not about being grammatically correct or having every word spelled correctly) it is the expression that is important. The heart expressed. The meaning and feeling within the expression.

    I am commenting on this particular doodle because I really enjoy it. I have spent much time simply looking into it. I thought about trying to define it as I see it but decided that doesn’t matter. I would enjoy this in a large format on my wall and be perfectly happy staring into it without having to define it. Simply enjoying the simplicity that captures my attention. In some ways, a masterpiece in it’s own simple way. Expressing a feeling that I simply feel and enjoy without having to intellectualize it. A perfect example of your subtitle, “ART DOESN’T HAVE TO BE WORTHY TO BE WORTH SHARING.”


    • PMu says:

      Wow, thank you so much. You have really struck upon something that I think is important in your comment. When it comes to anything creative I whole heartedly agree that while striving for perfection is admirable, waiting until something is perfect can really trap you in a bit of an inspirational void without feedback or opportunities for growth. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts in such an articulate manner.


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