Happy Birthday Daily Doodle

Today Daily Doodle is officially one year old!  Thanks everyone who has viewed, liked, commented and followed over the last 365 days.

Over the last year I have marked each milestone with some bonus posts, a tradition I would like to continue by sharing some of the things that inspire me to keep drawing daily.  So without further ado:

  1. Mindfulness and the Art of Drawing, Wendy Ann Greenhalgh – For those who are looking to adopt a creative disciple/practice, this is a great place to start.
  2. The Ev Nautilus YouTube Channel – This is amazing, a great look at the alien world in our seas.
  3. The films of Hayao Miyazaki – They are just phenomenal.
  4. Greek Mythology – Growing up bed time stories were a constant.  Among the usual stories about talking animals, we were also read greek mythology.  In particular the labours of Hercules and the story of Orpheus.
  5. European Fairytales – I find the transition between pagan lore into christian cautionary tale of european folk tales fascinating.  Each tale can be found told in a hundred ways as a result.
  6. Old sketchbooks and drawings (like the image below)-  I hardly ever throw anything away, particularly sketchbooks.  Recently I was going through a little bit of a slump and I have found going back through old sketchbook and either reviving pictures or staring again has been really productive.It is also really interesting seeing how my drawing style has changed over the years.

Scan 37

33 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Daily Doodle

  1. Brian Balke says:

    You can’t be in a slump, because your drawings have a flattened perspective. You must be in a hook or a loop. Maybe if you changed the direction of compression, or the demotion of your notions, or took another look, or fangled your angle, or somesuch – maybe that would help.

    Because I would certainly be saddened if your slump became a depression…

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  2. merpyre says:

    Wow, and on my sister’s birthday, too. Great artwork so far. I have more to catch up on after a few likes, since I’ve only stumbled upon your blog today, but I find your style quite fascinating and not really like a lot I’ve seen. I wish you all the best with your talent. 🙂

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